Thanks to Crystal over at We Aren't Perfect

Oh Crystal, you make me swoon! Thank you from the very bottom of my stilettos to the top of my scarf adorned head...[cause that's how foxy moms rock it cleaning the house, don'tcha know?]

Oh, you didn't know? *ahem* I'm foxy.

foxy (fäk) adj: ☆ SLANG attractive, stylish, etc.; specif., sexually attractive: used esp. of women

Yes, friends. It's true. I'm one foxy mama! I embrace the title and rock it with pride. What do I think makes me foxy? Let me take you back:

This is me. 
My hair is a mess and my face is all kinds of twisted [trying to be silly]
But I feel super foxy.
Maybe not on the outside, but it's hard to resist a girl who literally glows when she feels foxy.

There's a certain pep in her step. She seems to actually glide when she walks.
She smiles at strangers and winks at the guys who catch her eye.
To the good ones, she's intimidating. To the less desirable, she's worth "hollering" at.
Girls either hate her or love her...either way they want what she has.
That certain attitude.
That foxiness.
And yep friends...This Mommy Has It.
[Because Crystal thinks so]

And now to pass the honor on to more FMs that I'm lucky enough to know... *rubshands*

The Princess @ Princess of Sarcasm

Tell me why you're foxy, ladies.

Of course there are FAR more momma bloggahs that are super foxeh, but I just can't fit everyone in. I love all of yaz though! *smooches*


  1. goodness gracious!! thank you thank you thank you for the last three awards!! love love love you! :) haha... i totally forgot about the second one until i saw the third one and was like "Hey, Wait a minute!" haha :)

  2. Guuuuurrrrllll....you keep this kinda stuff up and this 40 year old will be your new bff!!!

    Thanks foxy! :)

  3. I'm foxy?!? Woohoo! Thanks so much for the award. I've gotta tell you, this is by far my FAVORITE award to date! Thanks again Kiranda. You are just too sweet and too dang foxy! Have a great weekend.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud


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