Making the Effort

First, I want to thank everyone who gave me such positive feedback in response to Zeroing In. Really...it feels good to know that everyone ELSE has issues and I'm not doomed to spend my life alone or in a horrible relationship.

Charlie had CQ last night. If you're not related to the government, CQ is 24 hours duty. Basically- they go and sit in the barracks and play babysitter. Super dumb. But a necessary evil. Luckily, we've only had to deal with it a few times. This was the third time since Austin's been here. I'm pretty much a big baby whenever Charlie is gone overnight. Let me tell ya! I just can't sleep well when he's not next to me. Even when I want to punch him in the taint [which is often rare], I still need him next to me.

In an effort to continue to make him the priority even when he doesn't deserve it it's hard for me, I wanted to make his morning easier. Coming off of work with no sleep and having an entire's day worth of errands to run is hard. And this guy gets super cranky when he can't sleep. lol Thankfully, Austin stayed asleep when I rolled out of bed [I wish I could get video of this..I'm all stealth with it..in case he wakes up!] so I took a shower and headed downstairs to start cleaning the kitchen and getting some breakfast started. Wouldn't ya know it? The hubs walks in the door as I'm putting the final touches on his breakfast! It wasn't anything special. Just cereal, his blueberry shake, and some strawberries.

The entire time I was fixing it, I had this big grin on my face. It's been a long time since I got up and made him breakfast. I was really good at it when we first got married and it just died away once I got pregnant and could no longer walk into the kitchen without reeling from the smells. And nowadays, I'm just too tired to get up at 0500 and make breakfast. Not to mention, some nights I'm so angry with him or I just don't feel the love and can't bring myself to make that sacrifice. But I did this morning. It took no effort at all after my shower, but it made such a difference. Probably not to him, but it changed me for the better.

Now, I probably won't get up and make him breakfast tomorrow. And it might be another blue moon before I do it. That's the nature of the beast. Mommyhood has me all kinds of exhausted. But I'm going to do what I can to make his life a little easier. I'm going to remember to surprise him and be the wife/mother to Austin that he deserves. Even when he's king douchenozzle...

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