My Big 5 monther. :D

Okay, so mommy officially sucks at these Letters to the Chub. You've been 5 months old now for over a week. Might as well just get onto the sixth month letter. I'll probably get it up in time by then. lol

As much as I miss my little, wrinkly baby...I'm liking you as an older, more aware, definitely more fun baby. You are so much more fun these days, Austin. You are very interested in everything too. It's hard to just relax with you. Take today, for instance. We were lying on the couch together and my red tank top caught your attention. You practically face planted trying to reach for it. It's just too funny. I wanna catch it on film. You like to play with your feet too. I'm almost forgetting how long you are because anytime you're lying down, you curl your feet up and you hold onto them. For a few moments, you look like my little babe again. You're more generous with your smiles lately. You'll smile at pretty much anyone that does something worth smiling at. You love mouth sounds and big facial expressions. Gotta say, mommy rocks at that. Although, I feel pretty weird spending hours per day making funny faces. You'll understand when you're older, I'm sure.

Still no go on the well-baby check ups. You've been to the doc once since the last time and you weighed in at 14.13lbs. You've slowed down on the weight gain and have [what seems to me] started to get longer. You're solid these days and holding you for more than a few minutes renders my arms useless. I wore you in the Moby the last few days and OMG! My back was killing me after a day of that. You're chunky bubba.

I rarely pump anymore lovey because I'm here with you all day long. There are times when you go to someone else while mommy gets things done like, the gym or when mommy and daddy went out for daddy's birthday so you're still used to a bottle. But you definitely prefer the boob. My cycle came back so my supply dipped for a few days, but you're just doing what you need to do to make it work. You're such a champ bub! We're almost at the 6 month mark for breastfeeding! I can't believe it. I'm so glad everything is going so well. Hopefully we'll keep it going.

You're still a rockstar who sleeps on his stomach. Maybe you're milk drunk?! It's only at nap times because you're on your back at night so you can get easy access to the milk. Sometimes I'll come to get you and you're on your back. Other times, you've completely shifted positions in the bed. I don't know how you do it bub, but you're on the move during sleepy times! I can't wait until you do some of these things when you're awake. Speaking of- OMG Chub...can you STOP trying to face plant into everything?! You're so interested in grabbing things. For instance, you tried to grab a plate off the table today. This required you to jump forward and almost fall out of my arms onto the floor! Talk about heart attacks! Just don't hurt yourself okay? I love the curiosity. I just won't love the potential damage to your beautiful face!

You talk so much more now and it's hilarious. You scream more too. You notice that doing so makes us laugh so you do it more often. I just LOVE it. I wished you said "mama" as much as you do say "dada", but you're not interested in that yet. Grrr.

I love you mister mister. And you still have the most nicknames of any baby I know. True story.


  1. Hi! Here from Bloggy Moms, and new follwer! Happy 5 months to your little one!


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