My Doctor Sucks.

Right after we landed yesterday, Charlie picked us up from the airport and we had to jet over to the hospital for my doctor's appointment. I needed him to come with me for the simple fact that I needed an advocate. My doc has a tendency to talk over you and trivialize your concerns, so I wanted the hubs to be the big man and say, "hey douchnozzle..listen to my wifey...cause she's cute." Or something like that.

If you remember, I was a klutz and injured myself trying to be cute. My ankle has been super sore and not getting better like it should. I told him about it and WHILE HE TALKED OVER ME he DID manage to refer me to the MRI place so I could schedule an MRI. And he also approved me for physical therapy. I've just gotta set that up. I'm nervous about the MRI because I had one a few years back for my knee. I wasn't even all the way in the machine but I started having a panic attack. So hopefully they won't need to put me in all the way since it's just my ankle. *crosses fingers* Also...I have to take out my nose ring. I haven't taken it out EVER...so I'm scared I won't be able to put it back in. eek. We'll see. Any suggestions on that?

Then I asked him about possibly getting a steroid shot for my "seasonal" allergies. I quote seasonal because they tend to last all the friggin time. From January to December, I have horrible allergies. If I'm outside for more than then ten minutes, they'll flare up. It's just not cool whatsoever. I have to take OTC meds everyday to prevent a flare up, and while they get the job done- it's just annoying. He wouldn't refer me to the allergy clinic based on the fact that Claritin and other OTCmeds actually work. If they didn't work, he'd send me there. So do I lie? He likened it to people with high blood pressure- they have to take a pill everyday, so do i.


And because he's so dismissive...I forgot to ask him about a thyroid imbalance. dangit!

OH...and the hubs. My backbone? My advocate? My strong mister man?
...yea he just sat there. HE DID NOTHING.



  1. Sweetie I would be finding another doctor. I hate doctors like that.. rude arrogant jerks..

  2. Um time to find a doc that actually CARES about your well-being!!!

  3. I don't even know if it's worth the trouble. Ugh.

  4. Truth be told, steroids are very bad for you and (sidenote) usually cause extreme weight gain where it otherwise would not have happened. How much local, raw honey do you eat?

  5. absolutely none. i think i'm gonna try finding some at the farmers market on friday


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