Ramona & Beezus

Any of you fab mamas out there remember the Ramona book series from back in the day? I think I've read a few of those stories. I can't remember..it's so long ago. lol But I do remember reading Ramona the Pest. I always thought my little sister was just like her. Well like all good things from our childhood..it's baaaaaaack!

I've been contacted by Allied Integrated Marketing to attend a press screening of this movie! The screening is tonight! I'm so excited!! Not only that, I'm doing a conference phone interview with the stars of the movie, Selena Gomez and Joey King! My younger cousins are VERY envious of that. They even want me to pass along their numbers....haha! 

What exactly do you wear to a press screening? 


  1. Cool! How in the world did you get chosen to do a press screening?

  2. IDK...I got the email shortly after publicizing my blog! lol

  3. that's crazy! make sure it's not a scam and bring mace. Or preferably have your husband lurk behind you.

  4. found you from bloggy moms! Cute blog and fun to read

  5. It totally wasn't a scam and it was a lot of fun. I was supposed to go to another one but I have an MRI today. But it was awesome.

  6. I first learned about this movie yesterday when I saw a preview for it on TV. I'm so excited! I LOVED all the Ramona books when I was little ... I'm pretty sure I had the whole set. :) Sounds like a really fun time!


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