here's that update...

my, oh my. i've been a negative nancy lately, haven't i? lol just looking over the posts for the last few days and yea...i was just not in a good mood. i can't really claim PMS because, well..there's no menstrating going on. and i've been getting plenty of sleep since my sweet babe is a good sleeper. idk what it is? the stress of the house not being clean? i feel like i should be over that by now... i don't know. whatever it is..i need to stop it.

oh, and no i'm not pregnant. i took a test the next morning and got another glorious "not pregnant". i love digital tests. admittedly, i was a tad bit excited. i calculated a due date and started thinking about plans and such on what we'd do and how we'd need to move. oh yes, friends. i am a planner. i can't stop. it's an illness. i found myself absentmindedly resting my hand on my belly and making sure to stay out of Austin's ferocious kicking zone as if there WAS a baby in there!!!

i shake my head at myself sometimes. crazy kiranda. always wanting more...never content with what you have. well, i AM content. i'd just like more babies. :D because babies make the world go round! yep.

so all of this word vomit brings two conclusions: i need to stop being such a beezie and no, i'm not pregnant...yet.


  1. you just missed the chance to make Irish twins!

  2. Irish twins is a term that's used for siblings that are born less than a year apart. It's making fun of big Irish Catholic families I guess. I hadn't heard of it until fairly recently either.


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