Because most some times men do/say stupid things...

Remember when I posted HERE about the customer who was all kinds of inappropriate with me? It's been a good two weeks since I've seen him, due to the family reunion Austin and I went to last week. But he gave me MORE ONHD ammo when I saw him briefly this past Saturday. Here's how that convo went.

Him: walks in with his arms raised
Me: "Heya stranger! The party can start cause you're here?!" laughs
Him: "The party can start...so take off your shirt"

yes girl, he did.

I don't even know what to say to that. Uhm. I KNOW you're getting your "needs" fixed by another customer who actually moved to downtown suck-town seattle just to be near you! Nevermind that she won't even admit it and uses her job as an excuse and then breaks her foot walking everywhere when she could've just stayed where she was and used her car. Yea, I let that 50+YEAR OLD WOMAN  borrow my crutches and she hasn't given them back. lol. anyway rabbit hole....you get your jollies from that woman. Stop imagining me with my shirt off.

I started thinking about it and he started doing it once I came back from maternity leave. No longer was I knocked up. No longer did I have a ginormous belly making me all kinds of NOT sexy. That and the fact that my boobies are ridiculously huge and no matter what I wear, I can't hide it. And did I mention I own a lot of tops with some kind of v-neck. Oh- and that my cleave reaches up to my neck. Yep..I've seen him staring, mouth open at the goodies.

yes girl, he did.

And because what's my blog without some mention of Austin? 

This kiddo amazes me everyday! He's starting to be more vocal so we're trying to get him to say certain things. Like "hi", "byebye", "mama"and "dada". I was playing with him one day and he was making the "mmm" sound so I thought-"let's get this little nugget to say mama". Here's how that convo went:

A: "mmmmmm ah mmmmm ah"
Me: "say mama...can you say that bubba? say ma-ma"
A: looks me dead in the face "DA DA"

yes girl, he did.

You little butt! Getting my hopes up with the mmm-ing and all. Then shooting me right out of the sky by calling your father! Grr. Let me remind you, [and this will happen until the day I die], I carried you. I grew you. I was very uncomfortable and couldn't drink...all for you. The LEAST you could've done was to call me first. You will never live this down bubba. NEVER EVER.

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  1. girl I would put mr. nasty thinks he is God's gift in his place QUICK... and the baby always says dada first oh yeah it bites lol

  2. OH NO HE DIDN'T! That customer is disgusting! I don't know how you deal with him. And how is it that you haven't slapped him yet? lol
    And Austin? I'm loving his new pic in the sidebar. I've been waiting for a new one to pop up. He's so stinkin' cute that it totally makes up for him saying "dada", right? Don't feel too bad. My 15 month old doesn't say "mama". At all. Ever. She loves to say "dada" though. She even calls me "dada". *sigh*
    Thanks for playing along again. I love your OH NO HE DIDN'T! posts. They're so much fun. Sorry for not stopping by sooner but I've been dealing with a sick baby who can't seem to say "mama" but expects me to take care of her. lol Have a great weekend Kiranda.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud


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