Yet Another Reason Why I Hate Doctors...

I don't think I've blogged about it, but we took Austin to the doctor a few weeks ago because he has these white spots around his neck. When I describe them, people immediately assume its eczema. But it's not. I had the same spots on my stomach while pregnant with Aus and they progressed higher and higher until they spread across my cleave and then ultimately went away.

I can deal with them, but my poor baby has these spots. They're not bothersome in anyway except they're an eyesore. And my pretty baby has beautiful caramel skin so these white spots just stand out! Charlie was worried so we took him in.

The doc had no clue what it was. She pulled up something like WebMD and looked for pictures. She saw some that looked similar but at the same time, weren't what he [or I] had. Then she prescribed a cream. So we've been putting the cream on him and I've seen little to no change. I wonder if I should just stop putting it on him altogether.

Well anyway. I was playing with the chub today and noticed that he has similar spots on his leg and near his ear. But he also has white spots from where he's scratched himself and the scabs have come off so I wonder if those "new" ones are from that because he has scratched himself. What can I say? My kid beats himself. lol So I get on swagbucks and search "white spots on skin".


Really, doc? Really?! You, with all your fancy training and resources at your fingertips can't figure it out. But a simple search through swagbucks gave me exactly what I wanted to find.....I shake my head.


  1. Hey girlie!
    (I popped over here after you visited my blog) Anyway - so these spots you mentioned - my dad had them too. 2 Dr.'s had no clue what to tell him. We all just made fun of him putting on these random creams for months. He finally went back and somehow this new dr. knew what it was right away!

    (now we just get on his case and make fungus jokes about him) It's not so fun when it's a child though - your child. My daughter had really bad eczema on her face when she was about 6-12 months old. I mean bad. It looked like red raw dry skin. People would stare when we were out in public. Thankfully I had really bad post postpartum depression and would go off on them for staring like a crazed maniac! ;)

  2. Yea..I didn't know what it was either when I had it. I figured since it didn't bother me, oh well. And I'm kinda leaning towards that with the kiddo. I don't know!.

    But way to go freaking out on rude people! I'd have done the same thing!

  3. Drs suck! Its hard to find a good one nowadays!!


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