The Start of My Morning.

OMFG. There's a large ass spider just resting and relaxing near my baby's toys. OMFG. I can't even deal right now. I've got the spray but this little f*cker is HUGE. OMFG. I think I'm going to die over here. What if I spray it and it runs away because it's too tough for spray? O.M.F.G And why won't my husband answer the damn phone? He's supposed to come home after PT this morning. FACK.

In other, less frightened, news...I'm up super early so I can go get a new license. Shh! Don't tell anyone, but my sister took mine so she could go to a birthday party today at a casino. She's 20 and is going with my entire family but since it's 21+...you see the problem, right? SO ANYWAY. My license is gone and that whole, driving sans license thing....not cool. Plus..if I can knock out getting an updated license [bc I still have my vertical minor one] aka Enhanced Drivers License with a POSSIBLE name change...would make not only me really happy but my husband would be over the moon since I'm finally getting my name changed. Uh yea...it's been 1.5 years and I have YET to change my name. Eeek! Sorry hubs. smooches.

We're also getting mani pedis today. Well, the girls and I. It was either that or get my belly button re-pierced. Darn you pregnant belly! My feet are looking ROUGH. I mean..rougher than they've ever been! What is it about being a mom that makes your feet super dry and starting to peel? Ew. Gross. I used to have the most beautiful feet. I could walk around barefoot all day without a patch of dry skin or callouses. NOW- get that foot scrubber thing STAT! Mama's feet could cut through concrete. lol

I promise to post a picture of my little tootsies....just for you Kristi!...and only because you demanded to see them.

But no, seriously....where is the husband. He needs to come kill this effing spider. Like YESTERDAY.


  1. I feel your pain with the spider thing! Its funny but I had a dream last night that I got attacked by spiders!! bleh!

    Also, motherhood will do a number on your peds, no doubt!!!

  2. that was a nightmare! omg. i would die. lol


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