Sunshine Worthy Awards

"you are my sunshine, my only sunshine...you make me happy when skies are gray...."

How many of us sang this song when we were kiddos?! I used to love singing this song. Don't ask me why..I don't remember. lol I'm super happy to announce that I've received my first blog award thanks to Jacque over at Stanwood PlaySchool

thank you thank you thank you soooo much!

First things first- drop EVERYTHING and run over to Stanwood PlaySchool!! GO! NOW! I love her blog. I'm a new follower so I'm still navigating her blog, but what I love is that she is a mommy to three handsome boys and they are an Attachment Parenting practicing family! I LOVE IT. I'm really big on APing and I love finding others who believe the same! And she has her own daycare going on! Is this the woman of my dreams, or what!? lol. GO GO GO! You won't be disappointed!

Secondly, to accept this award I have to pass it on to twelve other blogs that bring me sunshine! So here we go:

1. Navy Wife & A Running Fool- It's not a mom blog, but she IS a mom. This is my friend, Veronica. We've never met IRL, but I've "known" her for several years. She has the cutest kids and a fantastic husband [from what I can tell via FB :D] and she's recently become a running fool. I always look forward to her posts because they motivate me to keep running. We both suffer from perfection disorder so it's nice to see another mom making and continuing the effort! She'll bring you sunshine from the pavement!

2. Healthy Tipping Point-  Another non-mom blog. Caitlin is another runner/healthy lifestyle-er. I look forward to her posts for her food choices and how she keeps her routines going when she travels and moves! I find it trying to find snacks/meals that taste good and are good for you. She's a vegetarian and her husband is vegan so it's fun to see their choices! She brings me sunshine from the kitchen!

3. Seriously Daisies- Kimberly over at SD has the cutest little boy, Riley. He's just so stinkin cute! She's crafty, which I envy..since I have a tendency to start a project and never finish it! lol. She'll bring you sunshine from the craft room!

4. Really, I'm A Mom- Jessica is GREAT! She's got a great little baby, Monkey Man. And a great husband, Mr. Man. I'm a new follower to her blog as well. I love that she has her own language!! And you've gotta read about the Bib Nazi...seriously funny stuff.

5. Crazy Town Mayor- The Mayor of Crazy Town is GREAT. Totally relate-able and funny. She'll bring you sunshine from her crazy town!

6. Live and Love Out Loud- The reason I started Oh No He Didn't!  She's funny and a great mommy to four great kids! She'll bring you sunshine with her smile!

7. Karen At Home- Karen is one of the first mommy bloggers I came across when I started searching. Her daugther, Jillian, is so darn cute! I love reading about Jillian's adventures and also seeing how they make a house a home. She'll bring you sunshine from her home!

8. As the Forest[e] Grows- Mrs. F is delightful! And Gianna is too beautiful for words. I love her blog because her life is similar to mine in that we're SAHMs with beautiful children and hot hubbies. lol. She's smart, funny, and her blog is fantastic. She'll bring you sunshine from the Forest[e]!

9. {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife- Jessica and I live on the same Army Installation! I love reading about her adventures since we're in the same area! She'll bring you sunshine from WA!

10. Heir to Blair- "Blair" is fantastic. Her little Harrison is the cutest. And I love how open she is about her life and the struggles and successes of new motherhood! She'll bring you sunshine from the south!

11. Stories from [beyond] my Ute- If you love Vegas, you'll love her little girl. Yes, that's her name. And I think it's just genius!! What a cutie pie she has and you'll be able to see daily pics of her on her blog! Crystal is unapologetically real and open and I love it. She'll bring you sunshine from her Ute'!

12. O My Family - AllisonO has a great thing going on her OMyFamilyBlog. The Os are great and I love reading about them. OBaby is so cute!!! I get excited to read her blogs when they pop up on my Google Reader! She'll bring you sunshine from OLand!

Welp! There it is! It's hard narrowing down your favorite blogs when you're subscribed to so many great ones! But yes, these are just a few of my favorite blogs! Stop by and tell 'em The Mommyhood sent you! 


  1. YAY!! Congrats to you chickie, & I am ever so humbled to make your list of Sunshiny blogs! You have included some great ladies there too, nice to be in such good company! So tell me, who did you wear on the red carpet??!!


  2. Thank you for the kind words! :) You are too sweet! Have a great Monday!

  3. Congratulations on receiving your very first blog award! I know how excited you must be. :) Thanks for passing it on to me. You are just too sweet! I'll be sure to put it up in my Trophy Case (which you can find on the main menu of my blog) along with a link back to your blog. Thanks again. Hope you're having a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

    PS I'll see you tomorrow for OH NO HE DIDN'T! Tuesday. :)

  4. Who did I wear? I'd totally wear some unknown designer or like the last awards show I went to, ROSS. haha

  5. Why thank you Ms. Mays!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm just now getting caught up since C has been home! LOL!

  7. Awwww, thanks a bunch, that is so sweet of you. :)

    I love the monthly pictures of your little guy, SO CUTE!


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