America, F*ck Yea!


Do any of you swag?
If not, click on the link above and get on it! I highly suggest it if you use the internet. Anyways. One of the ways to get bucks is to use the search engine. It's powered by Google, so I get the same results and I up my chances of getting bucks. Wanna see which funny search won me some bucks tonight?

can you see it?

Yes, I searched "America, f*ck yea".  lol 

I realized this past week while at work that I'm horridly American. Not that it's a bad thing--not at all. One of my customers is from England and one of my coworkers is from Ethiopia. They were talking about the FIFA World Cup and he asked if I'd been watching it. I said no, I'm more of an American football player. Then he went on some rampage about how the world's football was better. lol. *shrugs* Okay.

Give me a field full of sweaty, large men hitting each other, a cold Budlight [in a bottle], and some kind of unhealthy snack and I'm in heaven. I love the NFL. I love the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, Austin was *thisclose* to being named Dallas.

So in honor of every red blooded American gal out there....I present to you....


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