Happy Birthday America! :D


I hope everyone is spending their holiday in a safe, fun manner! There's a ton of stuff going on here on post so I'm sure we'll be hearing and seeing fireworks shortly. I don't think we're going to go out though. Crowds make me anxious. And with as close as we are to where they're shooting them off, I'm sure we can just see them from our parking lot!

We missed church this week due to my allergies once again. I really hate not going to LC3. I absolutely love it there. But at 6am this morning, I woke up and sneezed. Then I realized my eyes were itching. Then I swallowed and realized that my throat was so itchy, all I wanted to do was claw the back of my throat like a rabid squirrel. I tried to just leave it be and go back to sleep, but the discomfort was far too much so I asked the hubs to go to the shoppette to grab some allergy meds. I'd requested Claritin, but they only had Benadryl. Holy Sleepy Side Effects, batman! I couldn't stay awake even if I tried. When we all finally woke up, I suggested we go to the Farmer's Market! Charlie hadn't been yet so it was fun to partake in it as a family.

dancing with my baby at the market

salsa and peaches!

curious baby trying a peach...

he wasn't sure about it, but he kept sucking it

cool band that played jazz/swing. 7 on 7

nom nom nom....crab cake melt sammich!!

delish crab cakes!

Afterwards, we drove a bit around downtown Olympia and discovered Heritage Park! It was so beautiful. There were people running and enjoying the sunshine. I love Washington on warm days!

my boys :D

riding in his stroller, like a big boy!
[sans carseat...omgah!]

kisses for the behbeh

Washington State Captiol...can you see it waaaaay back there?

And now we're sitting here at home. Hubs just laid the baby down for the night and we enjoyed more of the buffalo sausage stir fry from the other night! We have had a great fourth...very relaxing and centered on family. I don't think Austin is too interested in fireworks yet. Next year, for sure!

and lastly,

Thank you to my hubs and all those other men and women who have made the decision to defend our freedom. Whether you are home or away, you are our heroes. And I'm just lucky enough to have my very own personal hero...who is noming, very loudly might i add, on a fresh market peach. lol


  1. i could seriously eat your baby... okay no, i won't eat your baby. but so adorable i can't even stand it.

  2. haha. i regularly eat him...it's kinda creepy. but i do it!!

  3. love the pic of your hubby kissing the baby, so sweet!


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