Weekend Hiatuses

I've noticed that during the week, blogger and I are pretty hot and heavy. But come the weekend, we hardly see each other at all. I try to stay in touch via my IPhone, but it's hard. I can't write like I usually do so I know blogger is missing my love.

hehe. i'm weird, huh?

Instead of fretting over the fact that everyone else in my google reader posts up a storm and This Mommy[s] Hood stays pretty boring over the weekend...I'm accepting the weekends are my hiatus times. Why? You ask? Because weekends are the only days I can work and/or spent quality time with my family and friends without feeling rushed. During the week there's so much going on-cleaning, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, babyness, husbandness, mommyness...etc. But the weekends are where it all grinds to a halt and I focus on enjoying myself.

So if you happen to stumble to the Mommyhood on a weekend and notice there's nothing new...NEVER FEAR...Monday will soon reappear and I'll be here with something witty, funny, or plain random to share. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

pee dot ess. How do you feel about posts? Should they be longer filled with multiple anecdotes or shorter posts focused on one issue/story at a time? Whatcha thankin? Whatcha thankin? Holllerrrrrrrr.


  1. I am an opinionated punk, so I am going to throw this out there - shorter posts focused on one or two things. Makes it easier to read late at night when my eyes are blurring LOL.

  2. Thanks for joining Fun Follow Friday! I am your newest follower.


  3. Hello There, we are your newest follower - found you at Fun Follow Friday :)


  4. I think a lot of people tend to 'go away' on the weekends. I mean - family time is kinda important! :) And if that's when you can get it in - you gotta do it!
    I'm still a newish follower but I really do enjoy reading your blog. So I shared an award with you on my blog: http://stanwoodplayschool.com/2010/07/uh-oh-i-got-my-first-blog-award-watch.html


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