Thankful Thursdays

10. My big ole' mouth. It gets me into trouble, but it also helps others. And I wouldn't change a thing about it.

9. Books like the Twilight Saga series. They tend to detail the love and adoration that I thought only existed in books, but I just hadn't met Charlie yet.

8. Mommy time. Even if it gets interrupted several times...because it makes me a better wife/mom/person.


6. My sweet, sweet babe. I know, I know.. I just added him as number seven. But NO..this is DIFFERENT. See, he slept the ENTIRE time during Eclipse. So mommy could swoon in silence over Edward Cullen.

5. For the fact that I canNOT be a Vampire. Because I'd surely beat the crap out of Bella and be Edward's new love. FOR. SURE.

4. The Olympia Farmer's Market...my new obsession.

3. Cherries from the aforementioned FM. I ate 2lbs of them today with the hubbin. {Whom, I want to snuggle with right now}

2. All the Bloggy Moms I've met. Really..Bloggy Moms rules my world.

and last but certainly not least...

1. My New Followers. This Mommy{s} Hood loves the heck outta yah. You maketh the world go round mis amigos. Lots of love. FOR. REAL.

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