Totally In Bad Taste

I'm having a moment over here. This is truly an unattractive moment, and the only reason I'm allowing myself to even HAVE this moment is because I'm in my early twenties. Sure, that's not a good excuse. But DAMMIT- I'm using it. I'm telling you know, if you hate negativity and downright ridiculousness- see your way out now. I won't be offended.

This chick that used to be one of my husband's "flings" just PCSed here to JBLM. She's horribly plain, borderline ugly, and totally ghetto. She joined the military at an old age due to the fact that it took her FOREVER to graduate high school. Apparently, the only reason C was even into her in the first place was her large rack. Well whoopty doo- chick has boobs. Ugh. Whatever.

Now during the time when we were just dating, she started talking massive ish to him so I got on Myspace [totally mature, dontcha know] and "told her off" with as much force as you can get through a social networking site. I told her to back off and she started talking shit! I was like, "Really?" So in not so nice terms as sweetly as possible, I told her to back off or I'd beat her ass when I got to Texas she'd be sorry. Well she apparently didn't get the memo and continued to randomly call my husband. So not cool.

I didn't know she was still doing it so when we were down in Texas, he gets a phone call. He takes it in the other room. He's not slick. I know what's going on. He doesn't want me to start flipping out. [Because when I flip, it's not pretty] Afterwards he tells me who it was and tries to pacify my anger by explaining that he doesn't even respond to her anymore and that this call was the first time he'd talked to her in awhile. OH. HELL. NO. I don't even care. I call her back and tell her to stop calling my husband, I don't care if you just wanted to see what's up- it's rude to call someone's husband when you know it's inappropriate to begin with. And if she did it again, she'd regret it.

So I thought I was finally rid of this ass muncher. BUT OH NO- All friggin supply people MUST pcs to JBLM after AIT. Really?! REALLY?! Are you F*CKING kidding me?! Ugh. Now this little skank is here. And she's a single soldier so she lives near here. On her fb page she's always talking about running around the airfield like she's hoping to run into my husband because he sometimes runs around there. [MATTER OF FACT: I THINK HE'S DOING HIS PT THERE THIS MORNING. WTFACK!] Let me put it this way, if I see the skank- call the MPs. I'm beating her down. With or without provocation. I don't like women who try to mess with anyone's husband, let alone stupid little girls who try to mess with mine. That's the quickest way to get punched in the face.

And in case you're curious, I have no trust issues with my husband. lol I just don't like that he picked such LOSERS to fool around with when he was younger.


  1. Totally understand about the husband having such LOSERS in his past! Remember...deep breathes!

  2. yea...i'm woo-saw-ing over here!

  3. Don't you love those "What the (*@&#!!!!! were you THINKING?! You're so cute, way to dumpster dive, dude..." moments?

    *shakes head*

  4. EXACTLY. and this was like BOTTOM OF THE DUMPSTER diving. I don't even know...he was definitely upgraded when i walked in the picture *dustsshoulderoff*

  5. He needs to just change his phone number, seriously.


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