30 Days Of Truth: {DAY EIGHTEEN}

30 Days Of Truth
{Day Eighteen}
Your views on gay marriage.

There are a few things I refrain from discussing with people. Gay marriage/rights being one of them. You never know what people believe and why they do and I don't like running the risk of hurting someone's feelings or offending them. But since I'm being honest...

I have gay friends. I know a lot of gay people. I live in a "gay" mecca, if you will. I'm religious. I believe in God. I believe in His word. I believe His word is truth. I am NOT God, and therefore I canNOT judge. So I won't.

I think people should be able to marry whomever they love. 

And here's why:

Did you know there's a woman out there who is actually "married" to the Eiffel Tower?! I mean, REALLY? For REAL, forreal? You're telling me she can marry a friggin building, but two men/two women can't marry each other? That woman is certifiable. People who love each other and just so happen to have the same genitalia are PEOPLE. Real. Normal. Loving. People. And yet someMAN on this planet tells them that they can't love each other in the same way that heteros love each other.

I fully believe in church and state remaining separate. That's the reason we're even HERE, people. So tell me why the STATE is sighting the Bible for as it's source for governing law? I mean, don't get me wrong- The Bible IS the "playbook" for this game of life, but if we're going to maintain that the two remain separate entities...then we have to stay true to that. So yes, according to my God, marriage is between a man and a woman. But I believe that anyone can love and marry whomever they want, according to my political beliefs. It's complicated, right? Not really...

Here's a grand solution though. If you want gays to stop wanting to marry each other...let 'em. We see how successful hetero marriages are. What's the divorce rate? Something like 51% or higher? 


  1. Wow. I applaud you for being honest on such a controversial subject :o). Hey. I got an award for you

  2. This is a VERY touch subject but way to go on the honestly! Thank you for joining SAHM on Bloggy Moms! I am now following you, hope you can stop by and visit me :)

  3. Hey mama! I just found your blog by googling mine *yes, I'm that vain*. Just to let you know, I've moved to http://exploitsofamilitarymama.com

    BTW, I'm so glad to find another mama to read! I needed another great blog!


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