ABCs of Mommyhood.

**stolen from A Bloggy Mom. :D

Age: 22
Bed size: Full size
Chore you hate: taking the trash out
Dogs or Cats: i'm a doggie girl, but i love kitties too.
Essential start your day item: cranberry juice..yum
Favorite color: blue.
Gold or silver: silver
Height: 5'2ish
Instruments you’ve played: violin
Job Title: SupahMa. and SupahBarista.
Kids: 1
Loud or Quiet: HAHA..loud
Mom’s name: Yolanda
Nicknames: chipmunk, CT [chocolate thunda], and hey you, sexy chick!
Overnight hospital stay: Only once ..during Austin's birth
Pet peeve: mouth breathers and loud chewers
Quote from a movie: "Dear Lord Baby Jesus...."- Talladega Nights and "Did you tell him that they were the Lord's chips"- Nacho Libre
Right or Left handed: LEFTY!
Siblings: 1, kinda. But really 4 others
Time you wake up: whenever Austin wakes me up
Underwear: boy shorts are new faves of mine
Vegetable you don’t like: meh, okra? I like all veggies, really.
Ways you run late: forgetting I have a six month old to get ready...
X- rays you’ve had: foot, ankle, knee
Yummy food you make: um...everything!!
Zoo favorite: monkeys. skwee!

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