I know he didn't just say that.

No..he mustn't have just said that. You see, because if he DID say that- I'd be slapping him from here until next Thursday.

For some odd reason, my husband seems to think that my job/lifestyle is cush...as in easy peasy. How can it NOT be, right? I mean, I wake up whenever I feel like it, I lounge around on the couch, eating friggin bon bons, visiting with my girlfriends...Austin naps pretty much all day and only wakes up when I want to play with him...I pretty much do whatever I feel like doing on any given day.

Yea. RIGHT! *scoffs*

This dude [my husband] has actually had his head up his ass lately. I mean, so far up his ass lately. He's been saying the most outlandish things ever. IE: yesterday, when I finally decided to take a KIRANDA day and just spend time playing with Austin, napping, catching up on DVR,blogs, and facebook instead of unpacking and cleaning like I'd been doing all week long, he says to me, "Do you think you could, like, put something away tomorrow?" LIKE I HADN'T MOVED OUR FREAKING HOUSE ALL WEEK. LIKE I HADN'T BEEN DOING JUST THAT ALL FRIGGIN WEEK. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

And, oh yea, it's ALWAYS my fault when he can't find something. Nevermind the fact that I ALWAYS put things where they're supposed to go [cause I'm OCD like that] and he is constantly moving things around. Yes, when he can't find the dish sponge or his registry papers or his checkbook...it's MY fault. Wanna know why? [and i quote]: "Because you just threw things into boxes..."

uhhhhhhm. REALLY, dude? REALLY? Not ONCE did he lift a finger to help me pack before we got keys to this place. Not ONCE did he help organize things into boxes while we were moving. NOPE. True, he moved things and did a great job cleaning the house after we were all moved, but he did NOTHING in regards to getting things into containers over here. When I point out that things are just scattered around, it's suddenly my fault. OH- I'M SORRY, OH PERFECT ONE, THAT I DIDN'T DO IT ACCORDING TO YOUR SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS!!!

This blog has been building in me all friggin day, but I finally had to just vent it all out when he told me that he had $300 extra in his account. The money was going to go to pay Equity [housing] the $272 we owe them for moving out costs. Well instead, he spent $150 of it to buy his license so he can work outside of the army as a civilian rad tech. I asked him why he couldn't just wait until the 1st when he got paid. He said he needed to do it as soon as possible. Well we also need to pay Equity as soon as possible. He said he didn't understand why I was bitching. I said I didn't want to have to deal with Equity and their bull since I was the one who'd have to answer for not paying until payday. He then said, get this, well you're not paying for it, are you?


I will GLADLY go to work. GLADLY. Last time I checked, I WAS working full time when YOU SIR decided you wanted to have a baby. YOU begged ME to have your kid. And yes, I love him so much it hurts. But I was supporting myself before you and him. I'm at home because it's best for our family not because I'm lazy. I LIKE making my own money and whenever our kid[s] are old enough, I'm going back to make my own money. I have career aspirations too. They're just slowly coming to fruition because we wanted a family. If you want [stealing this from Leslie] you can pay me for all that I do around here: babysitting, maid services, dry cleaning service, personal [short order] cook, and escort services. Then you'd see how much money you're saving by being married to a woman like me.

Because while you're absolutely gorgeous and women go nuts over you, they definitely don't want to deal with all the bullshit that comes after you get out of bed.


  1. Have you been peeking into my diary again? I swear I have an entry just like this in my diary. Want me to smack him for you?

  2. please do. he's driving me nuts! i'm avoiding going to bed i'm still mad at him!

  3. New to your blog and I'm loving it!! They will never get it. I just ignore mine when he starts with that foolishness and I politely ask him to move from in front of the television.


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