30 Days Of Truth: {DAY NINETEEN}

30 Days Of Truth
{Day Nineteen}
What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

So remember yesterday when I said there were topics that were off-limits. Yea..these are two more that I just don't talk about. But once again...thirty days of truth. 

I hate organized religion. For the most part. I didn't believe I could let myself go in an organized church up until recently. Why? Because these churches are ran by men [and I mean men in the sense of humans]. And while I believe all churches start with good intentions, I've encountered far too many that tend to forget that God is the one that rules all. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen people take the Word of God and twist it to fit their own agenda. (I think I used to do this as well. Scratch that- I KNOW I used to do that) I even kept track at one church, EVERY.SINGLE.SUNDAY. for like 3 months, the sermon was about not gossiping about your neighbor or being catty about so and so and starting fights. Personal agenda, much? I just didn't have faith in organized religion. 

That is, until I came across Lake City Community Church. This is the first church I've ever been to that is solely focused on spreading the Word of the gospel, the Word of God. There is no underlying, hidden agenda...no power struggle...no hypocrisy..nothing negative whatsoever. AND. I. LOVE. IT. The people are fantastic. The messages are thought-provoking, full of the Truth, solely focused on the Godhead, and life-changing. I don't feel like I'm being talked to or preached at, rather I feel like I'm being taught more about my God and my faith and my religion. I feel like I'm growing in my Christianity. I feel like I'm warming up from a lukewarm Christian to a woman on FIRE for her Lord. 

So I thank LC3 for helping me believe in organized religion once again. And if you're in the neighborhood...please please PLEASE treat yourself by stopping by one of the Sunday services. And starting Oct 2nd, there'll be a Saturday service!!! I'm excited for that!

and Politics.
Grr. This subject really bugs me. I hate politics. like HATE HATE HATE politics. It ruffles too many feathers and singes too many butthairs. And while I'm not going to touch on today's politics...because I'm realizing I've been bamboozled, I will say this: [these are just a few things i believe regarding government and laws and such]

I think that the fundamentals this country was founded on should be top priority. I don't think I should work hard to support lazy individuals. I believe that if you are an illegal immigrant from WHEREVER, you should be removed immediately. I believe people should have equal rights. I believe the government should stay out of a lot of things. I believe in what's right. Period.

And that's my view on thangs.


  1. Go head w your bad self. I felt the same way too about religion until I moved to MD and started going to our current church. Awesome times :o)

  2. I absolutely love this post. I feel the same way about organized religion and politics. They honestly make my skin crawl with their respective hypocrisy.

    However, I have too found churches, here and in Fl, that I love and adore and that truly preach the Word. Not hidden agendas.
    And we recently got to vote up here for some mid-term elections, and it felt great! For the first time I felt like I was voting for what truly mattered to me- not towing the party line.



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