30 Days Of Truth: {DAY SIXTEEN}

30 Days Of Truth
{Day Sixteen}
Something or someone you could definitely live without.

I could do without sensitive/rude people.

You know those people who read your blog or your facebook status and decide that you OBVIOUSLY must've been talking about/to/because of them. Oh, you didn't know? He/She is fabulous personafied and how dare you have an opposing opinion.  I roll my eyes.

Not only is it the ones who make themselves more important than they really are...it's the ones who come to YOUR stuff [blog, fb, whatever] and think that it's okay to leave their rude, unwanted opinion. I'm all for devils advocate and bringing up the opposing argument, but don't think you can be rude. OKAY.

That's pretty much what I could DEFINITELY live without.


  1. lmbo have you been on my FB page?? My people like that are usually family members.. which makes it even worse

  2. ugh, yea for awhile i had the same problem with family! i just brush it off nowadays


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