Austin is Six Months Old!!

Dear Austin,

Mommy loves you so much. Daddy does as well, but since this is MY blog..... lol You are so much fun these days. And other days....I wonder if you enjoy being difficult funny. I can't believe that six months ago, I was holding you in my arms for the first time. It really does feel like no time has passed at all. Where did the time go, lovey? You're such a big boy now. You sit up relatively well and like to grab for everything in sight! You still have zero interest in crawling, which is fine with me, I just want you to be able to sit and play without worrying about you smacking your head on the ground!! Those beautiful smiles of yours are seen more frequently and by other people too! Yes, you still stare at a person until you either A)recognize them or B)deem them good enough to smile at. It's hilarious. For some odd reason, despite your very masculine face, people assume you're a girl. Even when you're wearing all blue! I wonder if it's because of all the curls on your head? Your head is full of curls, but you've got a few thin patches which make you look like an old man! I love it. And I love your noggin.

Here's some of your stats from the last time we went to the doctor. 
This time because you had a cough and I was worried that it was Pertussis.
  • Weight: 15lbs 14oz [uhm. that's 3x your birthweight chubbah]
  • Length: Idk
  • Head Circ: No clue, but you've got a noggin, that's for sure.
  • Diet: straight breastmilk! Only the finest for my chubbah.
  • Sleep Schedule: 2-3 naps during the day, sleeping through the night with 1 or 2 feedings but w/ co-sleeping it's easier to handle
  • You talk a lot more these days. Your favorite words are "dada" and making the "k" and "t" sounds. If you want to say "mama" ever, that'd be great.
  • We tried to give you some oatmeal, but you pretty much hated it. But you enjoy sucking on fruit
  • Still teething, but no teeth. But you do like to bite my nipple when you're bored with nursing.
I'm so blessed Austin. You are everything that a parent could want, and even more. Even when you're being a terror, you are 1000x better than what I've seen/experienced with other kids. I brag about you all the time and I hate being away from you for too long. I show people your pictures all the time and everyone thinks you're just the cutest! I love you more and more each day and I'm so thankful that God saw fit to make you mine. Love forever and a day.


ps. pictures to come! :D

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