Sorry In Advance

This week is the week of crazy. It's moving week here at Mommyhood. No, we're not moving domains. We're moving HOUSES. That's partially why I've been so absent lately anyway, but it's also the reason why I'll be absent even MORE this week. I'm so sorry you lovely followers you. [And can you believe it? We're almost at 100 followers] I need to take care of you in some way.

Why are moves so complicated and involved? At least military on-post moves. I mean there's the waiting game on the waitlists [and if you're like us, you've been on 3 different ones in the last few months], then there's pre-inspections, lease signings, more paperwork, Power of Attorney crap in case your husband has to work, cleaning, packing, unpacking, buying...ugh. And all of this with a six month old!!! INSANITY.

And I think my sweet babe just woke up. Gotta go!

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