Just Want to Brag a Bit..

Remember when I went on and on posted about how my husband deserves a better wife? Yea. Well I'm working on that. You see, the biggest issue has been in the *ahem* sack. You know, our sex life. Basically here's how it's been. When we first got together [in person] and then got married, we humped like rabbits. Omword, I don't think anyone in the world had as much sex as we did. I know you're jealous, right? lol Then I finally got pregnant [thankfully...i was so sore!]. With my being sick, and then being tired, and then getting bigger, and finally feeling him move, then me just being big and uncomfortable...I think we had sex like 3...MAYBE 5 times the entire pregnancy. This includes the one time we tried to do it to jump start labor. THAT ended in tears. Not fun, friends.

Well now I don't have a large belly in between us and Austin isn't kicking me from the inside so it's not awkward...so what's the problem? I'm just plain ole tired. So yea. I feel bad. And he's been making it VERY KNOWN that he's unhappy with it. So, in living up to my post, I'm stepping up to the plate.

I'm proud to brag that we've done the do two nights in a row.

*le swoon* Wow I forgot how that guy makes my toes curl. Yea. He's great.

And that's all folks. I'm just saying...

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  1. Uhm, I LOVE this hahaha. You crack me up. Glad to know aside from lil chub crying to mess up the mommy/daddy time, you are getting back into the swing of things. ;)


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