You Asked, I'm Answering

From Jess Craig:
Do you believe that  there is only one person for you in your lifetime?
I think that the notion of staying married to one person for your lifetime was realistic back when you died by 40. Because your marriage lasted 15-20 years. Nowadays, with life expectancies up to 80+...it's kind of hard to imagine being with one person for 60 years. lol. That being said, anything is possible as long as you know it's not going to just work out.

Could you fall in love again if you had to?
I don't really know. The love I have for Charlie is unlike anything I've ever felt. It's life changing. The universe moved a bit when we fell in love. Not kidding there. I think I could move on if I had to and could find someone else to be with, but I think it'll be a different kind of love. I think the love is specific for each person. Does that make sense?

From Jessica:
Boxers or briefs on a guy?
lol. Either boxers or boxer-briefs. That's what my husband wears and it's hot. He could probably wear briefs and make me sweat too though so I don't know..lol

What do you want people to say about you at your funeral years from now?
I want people to say that I was alive, fun, and just an all around beautiful person- from the inside out. That I always tried to be positive and tried to live a life that was worthy to God. And I really don't want black at my funeral.

From Debbie:
How do you take care of your skin?
I don't. Ugh. And I need to get on that. When I AM being good to my skin, I drink lots of water, wash my face with some sort of facial soap [I switch it up whenever I run out], and use just a TINY bit of moisturizer. My face is super oily on its own. Currently, I'm using a clay soap that acts like a mask/exfoliator. It's awesome.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I am neither. I hate waking up early and I'm usually only up late because that's the time I have alone, but I couldn't be out partying it up or anything. I'm at my best between 3pm and 9pm. lol I'm like a late afternoon/early evening type of girl!

From Andrea:
How many kids do you want to have?
Before Charlie, I only wanted two. I let my family brainwash me into thinking that if I had a middle child, they'd be messed up. Ugh. But Charlie wanted three. And after some time, three started sounding more right for us. Again, I'm going to feel it out and see how our family feels after each kid. Do we need more? ....ya know. That kind of thing. BUT- we've got names picked for the first four kids. lol
Austin is obviously first. Then Bella or Bryce or Blaine [i like blaine]. Then Charlie [charles or charlotte]. Then Dallas [assuming it's a boy.]  Cute huh? A, B, C, D...lol Then hopefully they can continue the tradition down!

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