Go Ahead and Ask...[everyone's doing it]

Totally inspired by other blogs I follow [see below for how I roll]...

ASK. ME. ANYTHING. Absolutely anything. You've gotta have a question in your mind. You've just gotta! I'll answer truthfully. I hope people ask me lots of questions. You know, because I like to talk about my life and all. :D

my kid is the coolest...he looks at his toes instead of the camera.

so seriously...ask away.


  1. dude, this spread like wildfire.

    uh, do you believe that there is only one person for you in your life? could you fall in love again if you had to?

  2. Boxers or briefs on a guy?

    What do you want people to say about you at your funeral years from now?

  3. How do you take care of your skin?
    Are you a morning person or a night owl?

  4. Holy cow, what is up with this trend? Should I be hopping on the bandwagon too? Ok those are not my real questions. Well they sort of are real questions. But what I wanted to ask you was: How many kids do you want to have?


Tell me how you REALLY feel. C'mon..just TELLLLLL me. I love your comments.


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