30 Days Of Truth: {DAY NINE}

30 Days Of Truth
{Day Nine}

Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

You remember back in high school...it's your senior year and you vow to never lose contact with your crew of best friends? I had three of 'em and we were thick as thieves. But now...not so much.

My besties: Jenna, Anthony, and Deric, and I were so close! It was the funniest group of friends you'd ever find. Two were mormon, one was asian and studious, one was black and friends with everyone, and one was seriously into theatre and being the funny one. I'm not even sure how we all ended up as friends, but it happened. I met Jenna during our sophomore year. We met through a mutual friend and even spent one afternoon getting ready for a dance at school. Afterwards, we just didn't talk until the next year. Anthony and I had gone to junior high together and were both in the orchestra. Deric and I had english class together our sophomore year and we, along with another friend Justin, caused a lotta trouble and had a lot of good times in the back of the class. Jenna and Deric had gone to junior high together at another school in the district. 

During our junior year Jenna, Deric, and I were all in A Capella Choir together. Thus the friendship started.  We started eating lunch together and my friend Anthony joined in. Of course there were others, but we were the closest. Deric starting going to Running Start so we saw less and less of him, but he always came around. I remember one day they announced elections for ASB officers. We were at lunch and we decided to run together! Surprise, surprise- Anthony became Vice Pres, Jenna became Secretary, and I became Activities Coordinator. GO US! 

We used to go to dinner at least once a month. But we were always at Sharis [kind of like Denny's..] eating with our favorite waitress, Janet. I remember our last dinner at Olive Garden. We promised to always get back in touch. Jenna was moving to California, Anthony was going over to Pullman, and I was going to Seattle. We hadn't heard from Deric for awhile at this point, but later on- he'd go off to join the Marines. We had such grand dreams for the future. We'd move away, but we'd always remain close. NO. MATTER. WHAT. 

Well, that never happened. Obviously. And it sucks. We got together a few times since '05. I remember one time I was in town, we all went to Sharis like the good ole days and even hit up Walmart at like 1am and ran around like we were in high school again. It was fun. We all still keep in touch through facebook and blogging and if we're in the same area we try to meet up. At first it sucked realizing that we'd all drifted apart. I was hurt when they had new friends because I tried super hard to not make new best friends. But that's life. You grow up and you move on. I still love those kids like no other though.

Here's what they're up to now! How awesome is this: Jenna and Deric got married...TO EACH OTHER! I know, right?! It's awesome. I'm so happy that my two besties are forever joined. It's amazing. They're so cute together. And all I can say about that is: FINALLY! GEEZZZZZZ. They did the back and forth thing so much in high school. I'm just glad they finally settled with each other. You can read their blog here. Anthony is still with his girlfriend Jina. He's back in Spokane working for Enterprise and doing fantastically! I'm proud of him. He's such a go getter. Now he just needs to seal the deal with Jina. They've been together for.freaking.ever. Get on it already Xin! And you know what's going on with me. :D 


  1. Yeah its funny how you say you always be bffs 4 evah but it doesnt quite work out that way :)

  2. It is hard my best friends from College and High school I never see. Makes me sad but ...........life goes on.

  3. It was sad that you weren't there last night with anothony deric jina and i. the circle was NOT complete. time does suck. we totally talked about dinners last night and how we did it like twice. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!!!!!!

  4. I stole this from you! Started today, hopefully I make it through all 30 days, aha.


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