Moving Recap: Day One


I hate moving.

Oh yes, I hate moving. But I like setting up in the new space. I like taking an empty shell and making it 'mine'. And if you walk into our new house, it so feels like 'ours' even before any furniture goes in! That's why I'm just thrilled with it.

But I hate moving with such a fiery passion. ESPECIALLY, moving with an infant. A needy infant. A crying infant. One who needs to be in mommy's arms all. friggin. day.

Oh and did I mention that the hubs is working all week too? Yea, so most of this is being put on my shoulders. Somehow I totally forgot that fact. Yea..I don't know how I managed to forget that one, but I did.

Thankfully, we have some really great friends here at McLewis. We've got friends with trucks and strong arms and friends that are willing to come into my super dirty, scattered, and unorganized old home, throw things in boxes, and help me lug it over to the new place. I love these friends. They are also willing and able to entertain my little chub nugget while I put things away and try to get things organized. I. LOVE. Y'ALL.

Today, we have to get the big furniture out of the living room. How? I'm not entirely sure. Especially since it'll only be [at most] 3 of us lifting these heavy items. The couch, chair, tv/stand, extra tv in the corner, baby swing, baby saucer, and other miscellaneous living room items need to be out of here by 4pm so the carpet cleaners can do their job! I don't want to chance leaving something like the TV because it's not a "high traffic area" and then moving it and seeing a big ass stain. Oh heck no! I'm paying $100 for my carpets to be clean and they better be dammit! lol

That's enough about the move. I think I'm going to be proactive and get some of the little stuff packed away now. And if you love me like I hope you do, you'll enter my first ever Giveaway. Please please and more please?


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