I miss all of this. I miss the blogging. I miss the readers. I miss reading all of your blogs! I'm pretty miserable without my blogger!!! We've been moving this entire week and we are almost done! Tomorrow was supposed to be our inspection/key hand over but we weren't able to finish moving/cleaning so we're going to have to pay for an extra day! Ugh. I just want to be done with the dang thing already.

Like I said...I miss blogging and I'm pretty miserable without it. Lol we're supposed to get Internet set up here on Tuesday (which I don't understand. I'm doing it by myself using the same modem and such so why do we have to wait?! Idk....) We got our cable back just in time to catch Army Wives Season Finale...omg. Excited for next season!

The house is coming together nicely. I'm happy about that. I'm ready for things to be in thier places. I'll try and post pictures soon! Which reminds ne, I finally found our digi cam! Thankfully...now I can put all of these iPhone pics on our external hard drive. Which reminds me again...we're probably using my tuition refund to buy a new computer and/or tv! I can't wait!

Ok...the bed is calling and trying to blog in bed from my iPhone is wicked tough. 'nite y'all!!!!


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