In other crazy news...

The hubbin and I are practically salivating for another baby. Not that Austin isn't enough, oh he definitely is. We just want a nice big size family ( if you consider 3kids big). And truthfully, I miss being pregnant. What do we do?! Ahh I'm freaking. I started my period last night, which totally sucks. These cramps are KILLER. It's been months so I don't know how my cycles are going. At this point, I'm not doing or taking anything to thwart off a pregnancy (unless you count the "rhythm method"). I'm just going to pray about it...I want HIM to make the decision.

What do y'all think about having another little so soon after our first?!

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  1. As a mom to six kids...the last two are twins, I may not be the one to ask! I love my big family though...I'd not have it another way!

  2. Did you have them relatively close together or spaced out? How do the kids feel?


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