my kid is the coolest

..because yours doesn't do the cool things he does.
Wanna know why?

We're trying to move out of one house and into another. We were given five days. I figured, "Pssh. That's plenty! Hey! We may even get to take one or even TWO days off"

Boy, was I wrong.

Somehow I forgot that I have a cool kid.
You know, the kind of kid who hates being set down on the ground. The kind of kid that hates being in any bouncer, saucer, swing, or bumbo for more than 15 minutes. The kind of kid that whines like a wild banshee until you pick him up.

Yea, that kid. You know, MY kid.

So here we are, at midnight, on the last day [even with an extension] that we have to clean this place. I'm blogging, obviously, and my kid is asleep [FINALLY]..but the hubbin has to do all the cleaning and moving. Why, you ask?


If I even think about putting him down, mister wild banshee makes an appearance.

my kid is the coolest. for sure.


  1. Good luck with moving. We just did it last month. You think you will not get anything done, but you will find a way. Hugs momma!

  2. lmbo at least hubby is doing all the dirty work instead of you.

  3. Good Luck! I had that kid too! hehe. It makes doing anything very difficult. The good news my son is now 4 1/2 and he was the best toddler! :)

  4. Yes, I think my kids are about the same amount of coolness every time there is something time sensitive we have to do. LOL!

    Love all of your profile pix by the way! I love your face! :D


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