Now this never happens. One of the reasons I know we're meant to be is because we're just too funny and awkward for anyone else to ever be with us! lol

I just embarrassed myself in front of my husband.

I'm too scared to even write what happened here. It's THAT mortifying. Let me just say this...this is the kind of thing that's cute as a baby but plain ole gross and wrong as an adult.

And I'm embarrassed. I don't even want to go upstairs. lol

Okay, okay. I just can't keep it to myself. Here's what happened.

shh! i'll tell you. it's embarrassing. i had to poop. but i was too into reading blogs to really get up. i have this thing where i hate pushing to poop. so i usually wait until i have to go NOW and then i go. well when i went, it kind of exploded. i mean. it was EVERYWHERE. then i looked and there was a spider on the wall behind me. i screamed and called for him to come kill it, but not before i ran [pants down] out of the bathroom. he came down and saw the poo explosion in the toilet and was like, "WTFack Kiranda!" He killed the spider and then was like, "I'm not cleaning this shit up!". Yes, friends. My poo was everywhere...ON the toilet seat and even *gasp* ON THE FLOOR.

omg. i'm so embarrassed.


  1. hmmmm might this have anythign to do with odily noises?? I have a feeling it does lol..


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