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How I Lost My Natural Mind: part two

{from last week}As I'm walking down from one store to another store to meet up with some friends-exactly twenty minutes later-, my phone rings. It was a Texas area code....

I grinned and answered the phone. I really don't remember a lot about the conversation. I do remember we talked about him moving up to Washington in March. [HUSBAND RECAP: He was nervous.] You know how they say that women know within the first five minutes whether they'll sleep with a guy or not? I knew by the end of that conversation that 'sure, I'd sleep with him when he got here but until then he was in the friend zone. I was too interested in everyone else around me to really get serious about this one.

I think we talked a few more times over the next few weeks, but like I said--I was preoccupied. I was trying to get this OTHER guy to notice me and make me his girlfriend. Not Mike..this was Casey. He would call and text and usually I'd ignore it. :/

Toward the end of January, a few weeks after that initial phone call, I got the flu. I'd never had it before, but someone had coughed in my pillow and then gave it to me. Grr! I was literally knocked on my butt. I couldn't leave the house for a week. I was crawling around the house just to move. It was torture. On Friday afternoon, I was lying on the couch wrapped in a blanket and just being miserable staring at the tv. My phone beeped letting me know I had a text message. From an unknown number.

Message: Are you ignoring me?
My Reply: Who is this?
Message: Charlie

Whoops. Crap. I felt bad. I'd been ignoring him and hadn't even bothered to save his number in my phone. I apologized and told him that I had the flu. At some point we started talking on the phone. [HUSBAND RECAP: He thought I was ignoring him and decided to give me a call one more time. He'd even deleted my number before, but got it off the website one last time.] He was driving from Kileen, TX [fort hood] to San Antonio for the week to stay at his mom's and hang with his friends. 

Overall, I was touched by how sweet he was. He, from thousands of miles away, took care of me. He made sure that I was drinking enough fluids and he even "made me" eat something. We talked about everything and nothing. He made me smile. Every time he had to switch freeways or pull over he'd get off the phone, but then call me right back. When he got to his mom's house, he even called me back after eating dinner and right before [and after] hanging out with his friends. Funny story...throughout our 3+ hour conversation, this commercial kept coming on that had "The Final Countdown" as its background music. I'd start singing it obnoxiously whenever it came on and he'd start crying, "no! no! please stop! oh it's horrible! no no nooooooo!" lol. I should've known the guy was a character.

After that conversation, I was smitten. I sent out a few text messages canceling whatever dating plans I had coming up [there were like 4 guys I was going out on dates with..]. I went to bed with a smile on my face. I barely knew what this guy looked like, barely knew a thing about him, but I knew he was special and that he would be memorable. But did I even WANT a long distance relationship? Ugh..not really. I needed the physical aspect...at least I wanted it.

A few days later, I went to back to work. I was healed from the flu and moving on. I couldn't stop thinking about Charlie though. He called me every morning and at every chance he could. We sent text messages all day to each other. I was all kinds of in super like with this guy. As a barista, I tend to get flirty. When the cute customers came in, I didn't flirt. All I could think about was Charlie. When I was asked on dates, I politely declined. Why? I didn't have a boyfriend or anything....

So one night, I swallowed my pride and asked him to be my boyfriend. There was a pause on the phone line...

Stay tuned for more of how I lost my mind next week! 

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  1. Oh, cute! I'm smitten, too! Thanks for linking up! :)


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