This Is Why I RAWK.

Cause if you don't know, now you know.


that is all.


So I got these three awards from my girl over at Really, I'm A Mom? . She's super sweet. She's witty. She's hilarious. Her little Monkey Man is too adorable for words. And she's got these wicked funny stories about her very own Bib Nazi. Seriously. Go over and tell her I sent ya!

So THANKS GIRRRRRRL! for the award. [that's duty, number one]

A few randoms about me: [hmmm. hmm. *scratches head* hmmm]
  • Today I lusted over Burger Kings Hershey Sundae Pie. It was bad. 
  • Once a year [maybe more], I get an intense craving for barbecue chips. I have no idea why.
  • I love ink and metal. I don't want anymore piercings [maybe more in my earlobe], but I am CRAVING more tattoos.
  • I don't wear shorts in public anymore. I haven't really in like 5 years.
  • I'm such a nerd. I'll watch Sprout TV even when Austin isn't around.
  • I really want to be pregnant again. Please please please. 
  • Sometimes I wear gray contacts just to change up my look a little bit.
  • Even though I'm married, I still have crushes on people. Is that bad?
  • I swoon every time I hear Justin Timberlake, Josh Turner, and Brian McKnight. Talk about random.
  • I used to want to be a classical singer. You know, like opera-style...

[duty number 2, done and done]

And NOW...to pass these awesome awards on to more fabulous bloggers. *drum roll please.*

there's plenty more, but my carpal tunnel is flaring up. 


  1. Woot woot will post these up tomorrow as I did 2 posts today already lmbo and I think I will let the last one sink in a bit.. apparently my message got through things have calmed down in the blogging world..

  2. Awe!! Thank you very much for the award! So sweet of you1

  3. Kiranda- how much do I flipping love you? TONS THATS HOW MUCH! Thank you so much for all of the awards and bloggy love- you rock! And you totally deserved all of them and more! :)
    You have just officially made my weekend!

  4. Thank you!!!!! I so appreciate the awards :) Congrats to you too.


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