Because Sundays are sexy..

I'm hoping on the sexy bandwagon and joining in on Sexy Sunday's brought to you by a bunch of sexy mom bloggers. [link is just to one of the awesome ladies...make sure you check out the others!]

Sexy Sunday

Here's how it works: Every Sunday, they'll write a post asking a question or a topic that you're supposed to blog about. You answer the questions and link up. Coolio, right? Soon, they'll have giveaways each week. How awesome is that, right? So here we go!

This weeks questions are:

1.) Why do you want to participate in Sexy Sunday?
2.) What's your favorite thing about sex?
3.) What's your favorite position?
4.) Do you have a fetish?
5.) What kinds of topics would you like to write about?  We love suggestions!
6.) What do you consider to be sexy?

My answers:
1) I want to participate because life is sexy. And I like to talk about it. Did I mention that life is sexy?
2) Being able to be completely and totally raw and honest with someone [or some people depending on what you're into]. I absolutely canNOT be anything but authentic during sex. And my 'O' face is super sexeh.
3) In all honesty? From behind. ;)
4) I doubt it's considered a fetish...but I like to be the weaker vessel. Take that how you will.
5) I actually don't write about sex topics all that often. But I like to brag about the toe-curling sex I have. lol I'd probably like to write about how other women can please themselves and their husbands by being fearless in bed, turn ons vs turn offs, misconceptions, and the like.
6) I think a man is sexy when he's being manly. When he's the hero, takes out the trash, fixes the car, brings in the groceries, changes a poopy diaper, drives fast, is a soldier, lifts heavy things and grabs things from the top shelf. Obviously these things describe my husband, lol. I think women are sexy when they're confident, sassy, funny, and fearless. Other than in the bedroom, I feel sexiest when I'm in my element at work, at the gym [weird, i know], during girls nights out.... I try to recapture that "sexy" feeling more often these days.

Go link up, you sexy fool.


  1. Thanks for linking up! Love your answers can't wait to read what your embarrassing moment was next week!

  2. Yo life is totally SEXY! And girl from the back--high five up top lol.

  3. Thank you for linking up, and please tell your husband "thank you for your service." You are so right, soldiers are hot; it's one of the reasons why I also think my husband is sexy.


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