I totally suck at giveaways..

So thanks to y'all that entered the Bath & Body Works giveaway! I totally suck at life and forgot to pick a winner. Thanks to Brittany for reminding me via Twitter!!

I used Random.org and here's what it said, y'all.

CONGRATULATIONS #9...wait, who's number nine?

yay Brittany!! You just KNEW you were gonna win, huh?! *winky*

Send me your info and we'll get you that BBW stuff you lust over! 
mommyhoodblog {at} gmail {dot} com
and by info i mean:
name, addy, email address...so i can have it directly shipped to ya!

Thanks again y'all.


  1. I didn't know I was going to win, but I was really hoping I would! I LOVE LOVE LOVE BBW! :D

  2. Congrats to the winner! So jealous! I love me som B&BW.

    Thanks again for the award!
    Here's an award for you from me! Because you totes deserve it! :D So congrats to you too!


    Enjoy! Have an amazing week!


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