Alpha and Omega, Movie Review.

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I love writing Mommyhood. Not only have I met and connected with some super cool mommas, I've been fortunate enough to attend press screenings for upcoming family-friendly movies! This past Sunday, I was lucky enough to go to see Alpha and Omega.

The movie is about two wolves from a pack located in Jasper National Park in Canada [eh.]. If you're familiar with Cesar Milan or the wolves from Twilight, you've heard the term Alpha. This was the first time I'd ever heard Omega in reference to wolves. Hayden Panettiere does the voice of Kate [the Alpha] and Justin Long plays the ever-clever-joke-making Humphrey [the Omega]. [And can I just say...Humphrey for a character name in a kid's movie?...LOVE IT!] Kate's father [voiced by Danny Glover] has arranged for her to marry the next Alpha in a wolf pack to the east. Garth [voiced by Chris Carmack] is everything a young alpha wolf would want to marry...at least on paper. How these wolves find their mate is to go to the Howling Rock for the Midnight Howl and see if they match. Well wouldn't you know it...Garth's howl is anything less than Alpha material! In fact, it was downright horrible. Kate excuses herself, runs into Humphrey [who is less than enthused about Kate and Garth being together], and both of them end up tranquilized and transported to Idaho to, *ahem* repopulate.

I love the classic, simple storyline of this movie. I think a lot of people can relate to it in someway. Whether you identify with Kate- the one who has the fate of the pack on her shoulders and wants to do the "right thing", Garth- the guy who has all of it and then some on the outside, but is just as insecure as everyone else on the inside, or Humphrey- the funny one, always put in the friend-zone, and madly in love with the girl he'll never get- this movie has the power to touch everyone. I think there's also a great underlying message in here. Pack rule dictates that only Alphas can marry other Alphas and so on and so forth. Both Kate and Garth [Alphas] fell in love with Omegas. You can't help who you love. Even if it's "wrong" in the eyes of society.

There are a lot of funny bits, romantic parts, and the howling [singing] is absolutely out of this world. Do yourself [and your family] a favor and GO. SEE. THIS. MOVIE.

And did I mention it's in 3D?! Yayer!

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