kid you not.

I feel as though I've been brutally ran over several times by a mack truck. ["why would you do that?"] Last night I cam home and took a long bath. The hubs kindly offered to take Austin with him to drop his friend's lawn mower off. It was a big, big surprise and very nice of him so I took him up on it. And after I pumped and ate dinner, fed Austin..they left me to my soaking. Now you'd think that after spending an hour in the hot water I'd feel perfectly fine. But if this is how I feel after soaking, I shudder to think what I'd feel like if I hadn't! My gosh!!

I feel crampy and bloated on top of feeling really achy. Is this normal? Any other SAHM's feel like if they do anything outside of the house for hours at a time they feel super sore the next day? During the week, I practically do nothing but play with Austin and clean the house. Some days I don't even leave. But when I have to work [or now in this case go to school], my body is super sore the next day.


And on an even suckier note, I called the registration office and BOTH of the early morning classes during the week that I need/want are full. UGH! Why is it that when I don't want them they are the only ones available, but now that I need them to make my life a little easier- no one will drop it! There's a whole two week period where things are shifting around so I'm hoping some poor schmuck will realize that waking up for an 8am class is no bueno and they'd rather party all night than go to school. Isn't that horrible of me?! lol

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