Mmm Puffy Tacos.

Tonight, I made puffy tacos. They were fantasmic. I mean, my taste buds have never felt this amazing before. EVER. So without further ado....Puffy Taco Night at The Mays'!!! [excuse the iPhone quality of the pics]

i took some white corn tortillas and plopped them into some super hot olive/canola oil.
after a few seeconds, i folded them in half.
after a few seconds, i took them out and let them drain/cool on a paper towel-plate.

the hubs seasoned and grilled some chicken breasts
[he used sea salt/pepper]

i shredded it.
with my mad shredding skills.

i put the shredded chickenz in a taco sauce mixture burbling away on the stovetop.

no cross-contamination here!
i cleaned the cutting board.

take your beefsteak tomato fresh from the farmer's market!!

and your salad mix..cause it does the same job.

[here's my salad/lettuce trick. lol]
i roll it up before slicing it!!


get your condiments! this guac from the market is FAB!

mmm queso!

i had an excited husband and a curious sweet babe hovering...

and i took a picture..
[after two bites..but still]

It was amazing. Yes yes yes! I think I'm gonna make my own tacos from now on. I bought all of these ingredients for less than two meals at Taco Bell or Chipotle. And I still have LOTS left over. I'm just sayin...

OH. And Charlie inspired this last taco...

Take some ooey-gooey homemade goat cheese from the market
Spread that ish all over one of those puffy taco shells

Eat some goat cheese right out of the package because it's so dern good.

Load up the taco with your favorite thangs
And wait for your tastebuds to have the biggest-bestest orgasm ever.

It sounds weird right? But it actually works. The tangy creaminess of the goat cheese pairs super well with the taco stuff. Seriously!!!

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  1. I love goat cheese. We used to raise goats and mom would make it fresh. =)


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