Yes? No? Maybe so?

Soooo I didn't go to the doc today. I called and spoke with the triage nurse and she advised I wait until 2-3 weeks after my period is supposed to be due. I told her that since I've been breastfeeding, I don't know how regular I am considering I've only had like 2-3 periods this entire year. So...I'm ignoring her advice on how long to wait..but I am going to wait. I figure if blood tests can tell between 7-12 days after conceiving, then I'll go in on Monday or something. If today is day seven....Monday sounds about right, right?

I'm nervous.

i can't wait to look like this again. lol


  1. I miss being pregnant and can't wait until I have another baby. Good luck Monday *fingers crossed*

  2. JUST so you know. With my eldest I had a negative blood test 5 days after my period. The nurse told me "you're definitely NOT pregnant." and I DEFINITELY was. so there. pppptttt. lol

  3. oh man! well if i get a negative...should i test later on too? since i'm still bfing i'm not regular so...hmmmmm..

  4. You must report how it goes Monday ;)


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