Sexy Sunday: My First Time

Sexy Sunday
This Weeks Topic: Your First Time

Ahhh the infamous "First Time". Was it good for you? Cause mine was pretty decent. But of course it was memorable. So here we go.

I must first start out by saying that this wasn't my "actual" first time. It was, however, the first time I decided to have sex. Make sense? In any case..I was dating my boyfriend at the time, Curtis. He was older. I was 16 and he was 21. Yea, I rolled with older dudes even back then. It was the Friday after Thanksgiving 2003 and we drove up to the bowling alley with a bunch of my family members to have some midnight cosmic bowling. I've never been really good at staying out late. By 10pm, I'm ready for bed anyway. So of course, by the time we headed home, around 2am...my happy butt was passed out in the passengers seat of his mom's rental car.

We did this "thing" where we'd pull over randomly and just make out and do some heavy "petting" if you will. With me living at home with my parents, going to my house wasn't an option. That night was one of those nights. I woke up and we were in the parking lot of Golden Corral [classy, huh?]. He had that wicked look in his eye letting me know that he wanted to make out.

We climbed in the backseat and went to town. The details get foggy, but at some point, I was on my back and he was hovering above me. Suddenly [like five minutes later], I realized that I was having sex.

SAY WHAT? OMG. I'm actually doing it right now? OMG. This is CRAZZZZZZY. SHHHHIIIIIIT. [oh and did i mention HE was a virgin too?]

Cue to water works.

I'd like to say that I started crying because I loved him and the moment was so beautiful and moving that I couldn't help but let a few beautiful tears slide gracefully down my cheeks. But no. It wasn't. Sure, I loved him. But I started having a freaking panic attack!!! OH. MY. GOSH.

Remember when I mentioned here about those physical attacks I'd get. Yep. I started having one. It's hard to explain. But Curtis [who'd been the one person I told]  had seen them first hand and knew how to deal with me. He was nothing short of absolutely amazing that night. He was gentle and loving and everything I wanted in my first time. 

Needless to say, I've perfected how NOT to act during sex. Just ask your boyfriend. *winky face*


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