Sexy Sundays: Ten Sexy Things.

Sexy Sunday
This Weeks Topic:
Name 10 Things You Love About Yourself

[I'm taking it a step further. I'm gonna make it,
ten SEXY things i love about myself]

10. I the way I don't hold back in the bedroom.
9. I that I can wear a man out.
8. I my sexiness, even if I feel it's more "awkward" than sexy.
7. I how out of control good sex makes me feel.
6. I how I feel wearing a pair of black stilettos.
5. I how I saunter and sashay when I'm nude.
4. I the way my toes curl
3. I the way a sexy pair of panties and matching bra make me feel.
2. I my curves.
1. I my 'O' face.

link up, you sexy fools.

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