Being poor sucks...

No really. It does. Granted, all of our basic needs are met and we can have a few luxuries [like I ordered pizza the other day and tonight I'm getting knee-deep in some greek fries during my show tonight at Tula's], but it'd be nice to not have to WORRY. Ya know what I mean?

My gosh. It seems like the 15th to the 30th [31st or 28th depending on the month hehe] is the LONGEST part of the month. Our biggest bills come out of that pay and we usually spend at least a week and a half in misery. And do I even need to remind you that Christmas is like RIGHT. HERE! Oh Em Gee. And with that dang fender bender...I see Austin having a fabulous Christmas [present-wise], but not so much for the husband and I. Truthfully, I'm fine without presents. I've gone the last few years with next to nothing so I expect nothing. But [and shh...don't tell him] I wanted to get the hubs a new cell phone and a Playstation 3 because he really wants those things and I love giving him what he wants.


We don't use credit cards and everything is bought with cash. And while I love knowing that everything in my house is actually MINE and I don't have anything I haven't paid for...it just sucks.

But enough whining from me now. I've got a show to go to tonight. It's the first time since May 2009 [the day we conceived Austin, actually] that I'm singing live and in person. I MAAAAAY have a video to post. Who knows? If you're in the area and bored or interested, come out to Tula's Restaurant and Jazz Club in Belltown. Show starts at 7:30 and goes all night. It should be interesting, to say the least. lol

And because it's been awhile..here's some cute pics I took of Austin during our bath. He's just so cute and squishy!


  1. He is such a doll baby.. I agree completely squishy..
    Have you ever though about working from home?? Shoot me an email.. I work for a wonderful company that is about health and nutrition and helpign you make money from home..

  2. Your little one is adorable! I hate being poor too. And I'm stressing because I'm about to go out on extended maternity leave and I'm wondering where we're going to get the money to survive it. Sure, I have a lot saved up, but I know that will go quick with having to pay for insurance and bills and everything else that will pop up in the next 8 months or so with having a baby and trying to live on one income. Can I pout with you?

  3. have you heard of dave ramsey? reading his book has really helped us budget better. by splitting the bills between the paychecks (and saving that money for when they arrive).

    he is just the most beautiful baby.

  4. i busted out laughing when you called him "squishy" lol he is cute!!

    i think most of us are kinda poor right now, so complain away, we're complaining with you! *hehe* i'm a student so...oi. but with our bills, we ask the companies to change the due dates so that it's split more evenly through the month instead of having to be "broke" for two weeks, ya know?

    oo i'd love a video! i'm in the mood to see a good show : )

  5. @Angel- I do kind of work from home. I sell Scentsy. I just made Certified Consultant and my commission goes up so I'm hoping to get more involved with it. Once I have more time [ie: finished with school] I'll be able to sell more. Right now I'm doing about one party a month so that's a few extra dollars.

    @Kristina- Yea...I'm currently still hired at my job but I'm not working but when I have this baby I'm not working until they're old enough for school so I definitely feel you! Let's whine!

    @Michael- I LOVE Dave Ramsey. That's part of the reason why the hubs and I only use cash we have.

    Basically...the biggest portion of our money goes to groceries and charlie's car payment. We're getting on WIC so that'll save some money there and I'm considering a Costco membership to buy in bulk. And maybe we can split his car payment into two payments [not necessarily in half] so we're not crying at the end of the month. lol

    Thanks for the support y'all!!

  6. I totally understand and can relate to where you're coming from. Money is certainly tight for the hubs and I, especially with a second baby coming too. I would suggest maybe applying for Food Stamps. I know that some people get embarrassed by it, but you do what you have to do until you can do better.

    Chances are if you qualify for WIC, you'll probably qualify for Food Stamps as well. Then you all can take the money you use for food and put it in a emergency savings account or put extra towards Charlie's car payment. My mom has started paying $100 extra on her car payment and it's helping out a lot because that's money they can't add interest too which will enable you all to pay his car off faster.

    But keep the faith. God always has a plan and will always make a way.


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