Holiday Masquerade Ball 2010

Since my husband is an awesome soldier and competed in the Soldier of the Year competition, we are obligated to go to the Holiday Ball this year. Truthfully, I'm wicked excited. He, on the other hand, is not. I love love LOVE occasions for dressing up and all that jazz. But I get a bit stressed out trying to find the perfect dress. And being pregnant for this ball makes it even MORE stressful.
Plus, it's a masquerade ball so I have to be able to wear a mask with my dress! Eek! Here are a few options I've considered. Gimme your input y'all!
So I could wear this dress that I wore a few years ago for a New Year's Cruise....


ooooor look for one like these...


and how brave would i be if i wore this?!


  1. Oh I love that white one!

    We attended the boat's holiday party back in 2008.
    I don't have any pictures of me, 9mo preggo with my second child. I wore a halter top type dress. It wasn't skin tight, but pretty close to it, so it showed EVERY curve just about. lol

    I walked into the room and I swear people's eyes bugged out and the complete HUGENESS of my belly. He was born like a week later.

  2. I like the purple one...being that you aren't far along I think you can definetly swing it. I also love the curly hair on you :O)

  3. that last dress is awesome, but i think your purple one would do just fine : ) have fun!!


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