Mind Sweep


*Sweep Sweep*

20. I hate that Christmas is right around the corner and I'm not working. How in the WORLD am I going to make Christmas special for my husband this year? *sigh*

19. He DID just lose his phone so I guess I could SOMEHOW get him something that he'd really enjoy. Just need to figure out where the money will come for that.

18. I love oatiemeal and bananas for breakfast. I ate two servings of oatiemeal. I just need some cranberry juice.

17. Sometimes I feel bad that I take my kid to the sitters a few hours earlier than necessary just so I can clean and get dressed without having to entertain him. Eek.

16. I still have moments of forgetfulness with this pregnancy. Is that normal? Do I not love this baby as much?

15. I really need a pedicure.

14. ...And an eyebrow wax. Like WOAH.

13. I like our new tv. Even though it's only 32"....it's so cool.

12. I hope this cold/sore throat goes away by Wed. I have to sing at a Jazz show. Eeek.

11. I have to wait for the official announcement from my sponsor, but I'm pretty sure I just made Certified Scentsy Consultant and I am PUMPED! I just want to book more shows now!!

10. I'm trying to figure out why I'm not bothered that I haven't heard from a friend of mine in almost a week. We used to talk every day. I'm kinda just over the shadiness, yk? Either you really DO want to be my friend or you DON'T. But I'm not making the initial effort anymore. *shrugs* I've done my part enough for over a month now.. TIME TO STEP UP BUDDY!

9. I wonder how much work it'll be to move my blog to wordpress and/or get a new design going on this blog. I'm ready for change.

8. I really need to do this baby blog thing better. I'm slackin y'all. I'm sorry. Please don't stop following me.

7. I don't know what happened, but shortly after posting my "Save Me" post, I started looking at where *I'M* wrong and what *I* could do to make this marriage better. And by golly..things are sooooo much better. We're not where we need to be or where I want to be, but we're both making good, giant leaps in the right direction.

6. King of Queens is honestly the best show ever. I wish it was still on the air.

5. Today I got up and had a painful stretching sensation in my lower abdomen. I hope everything is okay in there.

4. My husband was supposed to be home almost two hours ago. I hope he's alright. He's doing Soldier of the Year right now and I know he's stressed out.

3. I wish it wasn't so cold and rainy lately. I need a new winter coat.

2. I'm so nervous for this upcoming weekend/Thanksgiving holiday. My MIL and SIL are coming. Need I even go there?

1. Austin is honestly the happiest baby. He woke up this morning in such a playful mood. I hate that I was so tired.

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  1. Great list! I'm totally with you on the Christmas thing this year. Thanks for always being such a good supporter and being my first (and only..sigh) participater in this week's Mind Sweep! It's hard being the newbie sometimes, lol.


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