My Super UnOfficial, Totally UnBiased, ZUMBA! Review.

I'm sure the entire world has heard of this latest new workout. ZUMBA! is a lot of fun and just like Flirty Girl Fitness, and others like it, you don't know you're working out until your entire body screams at you the next morning.

My mom and aunts have been doing ZUMBA! for awhile now and I've definitely seen some results in them. Last night they wanted me to do it with them. Being pregnant, I'm not into losing weight, but I would like to tone up some so that I'm not a jiggly mess like I was last time. lol So via Skype [which I lurrrrve], I got my ZUMBA! on.

OMGAH. I am DYING. I was DYING last night. I've never been too keen on cardio... it really is the devil of all things fitness. But since it's the only way to get my metabolism up, it's a necessary evil. The first few segments of it I was all in. But towards the middle...I died a slow fitness death. I started slacking on form, which I hate doing, but I kept up with the tempo of the moves. 

Having a bum knee and a sore ankle doesn't help either. I wouldn't call it high-impact at all, but I was definitely feeling the effects of twisting and jerking my lower body around on both areas. The funniest part was the American Tribute section. Um, do ALL Americans line dance? Or dance like Elvis? Pssh. I'm offended. [not really.] 

All in all, I'm convinced it's a great workout. Go check it out if you have a class near you. Or shell out and buy the dvd set to do it in the comfort of your home. I, personally, don't like shaking my butt with people near me. Someone could lose an eye, ya know? And if you need more incentive....I stood on the scale last night and actually was DOWN an el bee [lb]. I mean, it was more water weight than anything and I shouldn't be losing weight at all....but hey- it worked. 

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