Photo Challenge Day One

[a photo of yourself and fifteen facts about yourself]

1. as much as i love giving random facts about myself, i always feel really 'tarded doing it. i wonder if my readers think i'm just as much of a nerd and i do. that, and i'm sure you all know enough about me already.

2. i act like a brunette.

3. true story. on my 21st birthday, after drinking a ton of wine, eating a ton of tapas, and imitating stevie wonder at a gay karaoke bar...i took off my shoes and walked the streets with my friends and then [upon realizing that it was a few blocks to my friends house and i just couldn't wait], i did a half-squat and peed on the sidewalk. one of my proudest moments, that's for sure.

4. i have serious OCD issues.

5. BUT...if necessary [like when i'm going to drive myself crazy or make myself sick] i can turn it off. for example: my nephew and son [who are seven weeks apart] are going to be running my house wild this week. i will be attempting to not care that my house is a mess all week.

6. speaking of which..i HATE having people over at my house for extended periods of time. i like having little get togethers and what not, but when it gets crowded or there are a ton of things i need to be doing or they overstay their welcome...i need everyone to leave.

7. i have a horrid temper. once, i threw a keyboard......at my husband. [pregnancy brings out the crazy in me.]

8. my favorite numbers are 1, 2, 5, and 42.

9. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

10. my favorite things to do when i have free time [not counting all the funs things i like to do as a mom]...are eating, sleeping, and watching tv. in that order.

11. i don't consider myself a picky eater, and i'll try just about anything once, but i like what i like and that's what i like. okay?

12. when i don't like something or don't want to do it...when asked why...i say that "it freaks me out". that usually suffices as an explanation.

13. i'm a highly sexual being. omgah. i think i was a guy in a past life.

14. i loveloveLOVE aquariums. i used to want to be a marine biologist when i was younger. [ps. i have NOT been to that one. i want to one day though.]

15. i figured out this weekend that i can hold my breath for 47 seconds. sweet.

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  1. I love the GA aquarium, one of my favorite places! Then again, anything in the ATL is one of my favorites!


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