Photo Challenge Day Two

[a look inside my purse.]

I love this brown purse. I got it using trickery and bribery.

The contents usually vary, but for this challenge:
[from left to right]
1. papers from my doc appointment today
2. my purple wallet. i luuurrrve it. it's durable. i have a ton of cards in there that i actually do NOT use. and an ultrasound picture of my Baby B.
3. my keys. with only two keys I actually use. the other are for fluff.
4. a pair of aviators.
5. some chapstick from the dollar store! who knew? it's absolutely fantastic!
6. my headphones. the only way i can chat and drive and listen to my recorded lessons on the way to school.
7. a toothbrush. not that i actually use it. i just brought it to school one day and it hasn't left my purse.
8. a knitted hat for austin. it was very chilly out so he was wearing this until he yanked it off his head.

pretty boring, eh?

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