To Halloween or Not?

I know it's November and Halloween is over, but this past weekend I came across an interesting post on Facebook and I'm just curious what other people think. The status was about how annoying it was that people asked what their plans were for halloween and what their kids were dressing up as and they couldn't wait for this evil "holiday" to be over. I, always curious about people who cite religious reasons to not celebrate, asked why. This was her answer: (copied and pasted)

Well yeah kinda religious reasons. Long story short, when Was in 2nd grade the teacher asked a question about why dinosaurs are extinct and i said something to the effect of becauseGod knew that humans and dinosaurs wouldnt get along. well the teacher told me we couldnt talk about God in school and it upset me so when i got home snd told my mom she called the school, gave them a piece of her mind and pretty much stopped halloween celebrations. i havent done it since then. also...sorry to say but there is no nice way to celebrate it. if you partake in those "festivities", you are still celebrating a "holiday" that has truely evil and satanic roots and traditions. its just been hidden so ppl could pretend its ok and feel ok about it. i found a very eye opening video on youtube if anyone is interested.

I thought it was interesting.

I consider myself to be a "Jesus Freak". I've actually been called that. Cute, huh? I can remember feeling completely lost when we learned about evolution and all that jazz in school because it went against everything I believed about God and Creation. What comes first, the chicken or the egg has ALWAYS bugged me. lol. 

I had a similar situation happen when I came home and was upset because I didn't know what to do when the teacher asked me a question or I was tested on how the world came to be. Do I answer the question based on what I believe or what the teacher told me. I don't remember who told me: maybe my mom or my grandma...it could've even been God (I really don't remember ever saying this out loud). But I came to the conclusion that God wanted me to do well in school. I can live in this world and not be of this world. It was important to Him that I do well in school and to do that, I had to answer the question the way the teacher wanted me to. By answering those questions, I wasn't denying God outright. I still fully believed in Him and claimed Him as my Savior.

I did some searching on the origins of Halloween (thanks Wiki) and discovered that it is widely linked to Celtic tradition. Go read about it why don'tcha. Cool.

So I wonder, why do or don't you celebrate Halloween?

Here at our house, we go to pumpkin patches, carve pumpkins, eat fall type foods, may or may not dress up....I hate trick or treating but will do so for the kiddos...I guess I'd say we celebrate Fall and the festivities that come along with that. In all honesty, it bugged the crapola outta me when kids wouldn't be there for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas parties at school or when I heard about people ruining it for other kids. I'm all about sticking to your guns, but it just bugs me when kids miss out on innocent parties and gatherings with their friends. Those were some of the funnest times in school as a kid. *shrugs*

What do y'all think?


  1. Heck, Christmas wasn't "originally" a godly holiday either. Quite the opposite in fact. Do some reading about the "Saturnalia" festival.

    Here's a link:


    I'm not religious at all, so obviously my opinion is slightly biased, but I think people go way overboard when it comes to expressing and asserting their religious beliefs. When it stops your children from having fun and celebrating along with their friends, you're doing more harm than good, IMO.

  2. Oh yea I agree. I need to relearn why they chose 12/25 for Christ's birth...because I keep hearing that it wasn't even his birthday. haha. Anyway.

    I agree with you. I think you should let kids be kids. Especially with such harmless celebrations. I mean for Halloween they just eat candy and dress up as their favorite superhero or a princess. AWESOME. For Thanksgiving, they're naming reasons why they're thankful! WHO WOULDN'T LOVE THAT? And for Christmas, it's mostly about the generosity and goodwill towards men. I MEAN, HELLO. WHAT AN AWESOME THING TO TEACH CHILDREN!

    lol. I'm right there with ya!

  3. I totally agree, & your 1st commenter made some great points as well. Any holiday/occasion is what you make of it.

  4. Thought you'd like this blog - and no, not just because its centered around black culture. I get a kick out of reading it too! LOL The authors are hilarious.




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