Why Hello, Emergency Room!

So I went to bed [after eating a cheeseburger and fries from Mickey D's] the night before last with stomach pain. I woke up with stomach pain. The pain lasted all day and didn't get any better even when I passed gas or had explosive diarrhea coming out of my butt. I called the triage nurse in my Family Medicine department and she suggested I hit up the ER. They were worried about miscarrying, but didn't want to say anything to upset me.  So I went.

i had my two man support team.

Five hours into the waiting room game, I had some blood drawn and got an IV.

I'm honestly the most random person ever. I LOVE getting my blood drawn and I've started to even like IVs. Not that I like being hooked to machines or anything. I just love watching needles go in my arm and watch my blood come out.

I am SO not a drug addict though. Okay! lol I'm just weird.
I think it's from never having any medical issues all my life. The only time I've ever even stayed over night at a hospital was giving birth to Austin.

About thirty minutes later, I got into my room and was given this super stylish gown.
sexeh, right?

No one even bothered to tap on my door for an hour so I took a nap. But that room was FU-REE-ZING.  So I put on my shoes. Because I don't wear socks.

ps. i've been trying to upload this picture forever but it's not letting me. i'll add it later.

just know, they are fab.

The Consensus:
I thought it might be the McDonald's, but the hubs felt fine.
7 hours of my life...in the ER.

Oh...but I did get to see Baby B. He/She was soooo tiny and small. Just chillin in my ute. 
Yay Baby B.

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