i'm having another one of those, "yo..didn't *I* say that" moments.

i just really hate copycats. i really do. i wonder...do you have an original bone in your body?

it's like this. i KID. YOU. NOT.

me: "i don't like cheese."
sonso: "i don't like cheese either."
me: "i'm left handed."
sonso: "i'm left handed too." [which they aren't.]
me: "i have small toes."
sonso: "i have small toes too." [which they don't.]
me: "i don't get along with my family."
sonso: picks fight with family over nothing, "i don't get along with my family either."
me: "i'm lactose intolerant."
sonso: "i hate milk."
me: "i'm doing this"
sonso: "i'm doing that too"

i could elaborate, but it's far too early right now. and i'm trying to keep my negativity down to a minimum.

something about not saying anything if you have nothing nice to say....


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